Listen to what you want where you want
With Bluetooth, reliably stream your music, podcasts and phone calls from up to 30 ft away.
Story and
Design Concept

We at Trendloader like to live active lifestyles and we started to feel the weight of our headphones slowing us down and the wires of our earphones getting in our way. We wanted a wireless option that didn’t weigh a ton and was affordable while still sounding incredible. Meet the Trendloader Sigma, the product of active audiophiles. Sunglasses are in constant use whether it be for jogging, biking, hiking, driving, etc. so we developed a pair that can play music to save on space while designing the glasses to be stylish enough for anyone and everyone to wear. We are extremely proud of the Sigma Smart Sunglasses and we are certain they will aid your daily routine and enhance your active lifestyle.